Still life tableware collection

The re-design of these much beloved pieces, a glass and a carafe found in old Italian popular “osteria”, is obtain-ed by mixing solid colored porcelain and finishing it (internally only) with transparent glaze. A tribute to the (Italian) folk tradition, to the ritual of the “banquet” and to the design of everyday life, where the protagonist is the raw material and the tactile experience of the porcelain in sight. A vindication – and at the same time a provocation – to reevaluate the social role of supper and conviviality in contemporary society.
An object, an act of culture!


Materials: Porcelain
Productive process:
Casting technique in handmade chalk moulds; drilling, grinding and assembly by hand.

Place of design:
Irpinia / Italia
Place of production:
Berlin / Germany
Colors: Solid colored porcelain in sight: Natural White, Light grey, Dark grey
Care: Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.