Modular Concrete Necklace | Design Studio MondocuboModular Concrete Necklace | Design Studio Mondocubo


Place of design: Berlin/Germany, 2016
Place of production: Berlin
Design: Paolo Picone & Rossella Flammia (STUDIO MONDOCUBO)
Distributed by: ORTOGONALE

Material: Light Concrete & Stainless steel
Productive Process: Handmade casting technique in handmade moulds; drilling, grinding, finishing and assembly by hand.

Content of the box:
1 cube 2x2x2cm [0,8×0,8×0,8 inches]
2 cubes 1,5×1,5×1,5cm [0,6×0,6×0,6 inches]
4 cubes  1x1x1cm [0,4×0,4×0,4 inches]
4 cubes 0,6×0,6×0,6cm [0,2×0,2×0,2 inches]
1 anallergic stainless steel wire with precision bajonet clasp made of stainless steel.
2 silicon stoppers.

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